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NEW Crimson Dragon details.

If you’re an old school fan of the Panzer Dragoon series then your Kinect is about to finally earn its worth. Last night Microsoft and Capcom had an event to show off several titles; one of them being the Team Andromeda/ Grounding developed Crimson Dragon. Originally known as Project Draco, Crimson Dragon is the closest thing to a new Panzer Dragoon game as we’re going to get. Directed by Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi and featuring a soundtrack by Saori Kobayashi (Panzer Dragoon Saga and Orta) — it’s a new Panzer title in everything but name alone.

Destined to hit XBLA early this year, the title will fully utilize the Kinect sensor and feature 3 player online co-op; 6 playable dragons and over 100 skills to collect allowing your dragon to grow. Expect to see more of the title at next weeks Microsoft’s Xbox Spring Showcase. For now, check out some footage from the Japanese event last night here.